Off the ground sheeting system

Also, for those who want to go a step further, Legras offers various solutions of automatic off the ground sheeting system to keep driver out of any risky position during this task. We have worked in partnership with the best covering suppliers to integrate their product on our bodies to offer a reliable interface.

Off the ground manual :

Simple and economical solution for manual operation from the ground. Operated by pole from the rear. Compatible for full length or part covering.

Electrical / hydraulic rollover sheet :

Watertight system, 100% hydraulic, compatible with low apex.

Hydraulic rollover sheet :

Watertight, powerfull, dome is possible.

Hydraulic nets :

Two High quality nets with 800 mm overlap in the center. Automated operation from the ground. Ideal for commercial waste and woodchip.

Solid roof with rear aperture :

3,5m rear hatch, ideal for hooding under hopper. Hydraulic device adapted for the gravity transfer of waste.