Gravity Transfer

Direct loading of the moving floors FMA® semi-trailers (FMA®).
The transfer without intermediate reloading.

1) Principle :

  • Direct unloading in the semi-trailer.
  • Forward displacement of the load thanks to the moving floor FMA®.
  • Supply of the system thanks to the stationary hydraulic unit.

2) Efficiency :

  • No double handling.
  • Confined dumping / Cleanliness of the site.
  • No recovery of wastes.
  • Optimization of the quantity of tractors.
  • Preservation of the body of semi-trailers.
  • No waste stocking on the ground.

3) Service / Know-how :

  • Design of the site and the process.
  • Design and realization of unloading hoppers (covered or not).
  • Supply of semi-trailers, hydraulic units and positioning elements.